Welcome! This is the Kotalampi Family.




Hi! My name is Adam. I am 9 years old and I go to 3rd grade now. My daddy said I should say something in here. These are web pages or something he did that are dedicated to our family; me, daddy and mommy.

My mama is a good mama. She takes care of me and I love her. Dada takes care of me too and plays with me a lot and I love him too.

Dada tells me stories about Finland. He says I'm half Finn but I don't think I have even seen snow yet. Sometimes dada gives me ice cubes and I don't like those. They are cold and if snow is like that I don't like it.

We live in our own house where I have my room. It's ok. If I need my mama or dada I just stand up in my bed and start crying. They'll usually come get me quickly.

Dada has a big car he drives. He also spends all nights with radios and computers. I don't know what he does because I usually sleep then.

I like playing with dada's papers. I go to his drawers and it's cool throwing all stuff out. Also, playing with mama's stuff is fun. My favorite TV programs are Spider-Man and Blues Clues. Go Web Go! Flyyyy!




Hi! I am Risto. 

I'm originally from Finland and I moved to USA in 1996. Currently I am working at ServePath. Previously I have worked at MyBuys and AOL.

If I'm not working with computers I'm probably playing with radios. I started DXing (=Shortwave listening + AM etc) in 1980 and since then I've been more or less active DXer. I'm also active on ham radio. My calls have been OH6EE, AE6PW and nowadays W6RK.

For SWL I have special site Hard-Core-DX.com.

You can also check out my Ham Radio radio site W6RK.com. You will find some links and my online log where you can check my QSOs.

Other interests I have are good music (oldies rock, metal, blues...), genealogy, politics, golf...

Also, you can take a look at these:



Hi! I am Barbara. 

I'm housewife, so taking care of these two boys is usually my work. They both leave such a mess sometimes and it's hard to keep up after them.

But I love 'em and wouldn't change this for anything. I met Risto online and we got married in 1996. Since then we have got our own house, cars and most of all this wonderful boy Adam. So things are going pretty well with us and I enjoy staying home and doing things I love.

Here are some links from me:


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